Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello friends,

I seen many questions regarding "how to delete the found.000 folders"

See below what are these folders and how to delete them.

Mostly these folders are system created folders, when we perform check disk on the drives.
When system finds any problems with the files or folders it creates  folders with names FOUND.000, FOUND.001 etc....

These folders are also created on the external hard drives when we check them for errors.
However these folders can not be viewed edited or deleted using windows any versions.
These folders can not be seen in windows explorer.

After connecting hard disk to TV it shows all these folders, I was wondering how to delete them as they are just taking extra space from my hard disk and is completely useless folders.

After long research I found the solution and thought of sharing it.

1. Connect your external hard disk to PC
2. Go to Command Prompt, Right click and Open as Administrator.
3. Go to your drive by typing X: and Enter (suppose X is the New Connected Hard Disk Drive)
4. Type DIR and press ENTER, it will show all the folders on the Drive, however it will not show the found.000 folders
5. Type DIR /A:H and press  ENTER (It will show you the list of hidden folders on that drive)
6. Type CD FOUND.000 and press  ENTER (it will go into the found.000 folder) 
7. Type DEL *.* and press  ENTER (It will delete all the files in that folder if any)
8. Type CD . . and press  ENTER (It will come out of the directory)
9. Type RD found.000 and press ENTER
10. It will ask for the confirmation press Y and this will delete the folder 'FOUND.000'
11. Again run step 5 to check these folders are removed.

If there are other such folders called FOUND.001, FOUND.002 etc repeat steps 6 onward.

(Please write your comments if this is useful to you)


  1. This is helpful. I was looking for this and found solution.

  2. i applied your trick on my pen drive but sadly an error message poped up saying the drive is write protected remove the write protection then try again please help me

  3. I hope you have opened the command prompt as administrator. (Step 2)
    Let me know if it works,

    1. yes i had opened command prompt as administrator it doesn't

  4. Nice trick,
    Worked on mine. I was thinking it will stay forever.

  5. It gets created when some errors are found while disc checking.....

  6. Write protection cant be removed. Same as ^AYUSH

  7. Hi... I applied your step-by-step solution and was able to redeem 85% of the disk space from my external hard drive. However, I cannot remove the directories using the RD command because it continually says the directory is not empty... That is even if I checked the hidden files using the DIR/A:H command and deleting the contents... Please help... Your response is greatly appreciated... Thank you...

    1. I tried commands but could not delete DIR's in folder So used- Total Commander -worked well


  8. thanx , this worked like a charm


  9. 谢谢你的文章,对我的帮助很大。